Melbourne Airfield Update

Improvement work is now underway at Melbourne and will continue over the next week or so.

We must say thank you to the following people, without whose support the improvements would not have been possible:

  • The Landowners
  • The Clubs that run the 3 events on the airfield
    • Trackrod Motor Club
    • North Humberside Motor Club
    • Lindholme Motor Sports Club
  • All Roads Asphalt Solutions
  • Robinson Bobcat Hire

To give you an idea of the extent of the works:
Over the next 2 weeks over 4,500 square meters of planing will take place
Over 1,000 tonnes of new material will be laid
An investment of well over £75,000

This is treble the investment that we originally planned for the venue.

These works have been essential in making the venue “Tarmac tyres only” – this is a direct requirement from the landowner. We are not planning to make it super-smooth, but we will be trying everything we can to prevent punctures caused by potholes.

We feel this will help preserve the spirit of the venue and make it available to rallying for years to come. It will also make more tracks available for the rallies to use – adding variety to stages, and hopefully allowing longer stages.

So, this is where we would like your help, we want to do more! Our budget covers the necessary work, but there is more resurfacing we would like to carry out whilst the heavy machinery is on-site.

You can help in 2 ways:

1 – Give a donation at our Justgiving page –
If every crew member planning to do the Lookout Stages were to give £15, this would give us the budget to resurface an extra piece of road to improve merges and splits.

2 – Help us find venue sponsors.
From venue sponsors, we are asking for £500, in return you will get a half page advert in the official publications for each event on the venue for the next 6 years. This equates to around £30 per event. Already on-board are:
Clubman Motorsport (selling safety equipment and a local Lifeline service centre)
CS Motorsport Developments (York based Race & Rally preparation & repair business.)
J.Williams Automotive Engineer (Based in North Duffield, All-round car repairs) (website design)

Many thanks for your patience whilst we have been negotiating and planning – we can now go rallying at Melbourne again!

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