Awards Letter

Dear Competitor

Please find attached the awards list for this year’s Lookout Stages rally held at Melbourne Airfield, on Sunday 7th April. The fine weather prior to the weekend and on the day meant that we had a few issues with dust, I believe it did clear to some extent during the day and with further resurfacing work planned it will hopefully become less of an issue in the future.

Competition within the top ten was expected to be fierce with six Imprezas, the infamous Forester and a not to be ignored quick Escort. Arron Newby and John Cope set the tone with a fastest time on the first stage and were never headed throughout the day but it was all fairly close behind them with second to fifth all finishing the event on the same minute.

Not many retirements this year, there being 47 classified finishers out of the 65 starters, these being mostly due to mechanical failures. There were no red flags this year, all the stages running without any serious incident.

Many thanks to all of you who competed, I hope you all enjoyed the stages, whether or not you were successful – we hope to see you all again next year. Work will continue on the venue and we hope to get further resurfacing work completed prior to the Lookout next year, we are aware of the fact that there are still some areas requiring attention despite the investment by the 3 clubs and the landowner this year but it will improve further.
For DVD or still photographs from the event please visit the following websites: – DVD
Chicane Media – Photographs


Until next year then

Andy Turnbull
Clerk of the Course

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